PSP Entertainment provides top-quality music and entertainment services for your event. Peter is a client-focused Entertainer who believes that every event, every moment, every minute needs music.

Peter has been involved in the music/entertainment industry for approximately 2 decades while wearing 2 hats: Music Master and Master of Ceremonies (MC). His love for music began as an adolescent singer. Peter's experience as an artist lead him to collaborate with other singers and hence a "boy band" was formed.

(But we don't talk about those boy band days...anymore #Travaux)

This singing debut lead him to hosting a R&B/Dance radio show at University of Western Ontario's (UWO) CHRW 94.9 FM station as well as performing various commercials for The X 106.9 FM.

From this point onward the Entertainer was born to Rock the Mic and the crowd so that everyone within earshot enjoyed and relished in the feel-good atmosphere.